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Succeed on Stage,
Succeed in Life

Private Violin Lessons for creative excellence

Young Violin Player

Violin Lessons for Confidence and Creativity

Helping your child progress as a violinist and young artist is difficult. Choosing the right teacher, motivating them to practice, overcoming stage fright, preparing for auditions — it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Learning to play the violin is a beautiful gift to give your child, but without the right guidance for practice and performance, it can be frustrating and complicated.

  As a Juilliard graduate and teacher with over 20 years experience, I help each student learn the skills they need to thrive, creating music that’s as unique as they are. In initial lessons, we'll determine where they struggle, where they shine, and what they want to achieve. Then, a dynamic learning plan is created that’s personalized for them, and helps you and your child succeed.

  Register today, and instead of wondering whether they could be making more progress, start seeing them build confidence, musicality, and technique as violinists.

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“We’re so happy Sara studies with JoAnna. She’s learned so much, and we’ve watched her abilities blossom over the last year. Her sound has changed so much, and she really loves her lessons.”

-- Emily A.

Violinist's hands, image by Joel Wyncott

“After almost 2 years of arguing with my daughter over practice time, watching her face the same problems over and over, we started lessons with Ms. Farrer. For the first time, Erika started looking forward to lessons, and we can hear the difference in her playing”

— Linda H.

Violinist reading music. Image by Catalin Balta
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